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National Academy of Shotokan Karate
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N.A.S.K. Genealogy

Heien Shodan             Heien Nidan              Heien Sandan          Heien Yondan             Heien Godan

The N.A.S.K. is an academy who promote traditional Japanese shotokan karate and currently have clubs running across Beds and Bucks.  Senseis' Kevin Langford (yondan) and Vicki Langford (Sandan) have over 26 combined experience, whos instructor was a direct student of the world-famous
Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa 10th dan.



 The club was formed in 2005 under the International Association of Shotokan Karate (I.A.S.K.) and was based in a small church hall in Luton.  In April 2008, the club became independent of the I.A.S.K. and the National Academy of Shotokan Karate (N.A.S.K.) was formed.

 Chief Instructor, Sensei K Langford, Yondan




A certified member of the National Education System for Training

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